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Download Movies Directly to iPad

Instructions on how to download movies from iPod Lounge directly to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without having to use iTunes.

Step 1

First you will need to download a free app names iDownloader Plus Free
which can be found in the iTunes Store.
Once downloaded and installed it will appear like this:



Step 2

Next you will need to go to your download file page which you would have received via email.
Press and hold the download link until an option screen appears asking you whether you want to
open, open in new window or copy.  Select "Copy".
See examples below:



Copy Link



Step 3

Open Download Lite app and click on the downloads tab at the bottom of the screen.
On the top right you will see a plus (+) sign.  Click this button.


Step 4

Paste the download link that you copied in step 2 here.



Step 5

Click done and your file will begin downloading.



You may close this app and the file will continue to download in the background.


Once file has downloaded you can navigate to the download lite app, click on the
Files tab and click play to watch the movie.
The movie is now saved to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.